Turkish Designer Wins Britain’s Top Designer Award During London Fashion Week

As London Fashion Week has finished. The city continues to buzz from the newly discovered  talent this city has to offer and attracts internationally. While London is and remains open for business the impact of a looming Brexit won’t transpire until next season. In the meantime some standout designers drew attention to more exciting matters their innovative creations.

Britain's Top Designer Judges Joe Alvarez, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Bernard Connolly, Sarah Mulindwa

Britain’s Top Designer Judges (l-r) Joe Alvarez, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Bernard Connolly, and Sarah Mulindwa

The Britain’s Top Designer Award Season 7, hosted by Fashions Finest, featured some of the hottest talent.

The event took place on Saturday the 16th of February at the Congress Center, Great Russel Street London. Here the  panel of esteemed industry insiders came together to decide on the deserving winner.



The Judges

Bernard Connolly, stylist to the high-society and stars returned as head judge. Connolly’s fashion credentials include a fashion degree at the highest level as a Central St Martins graduate. His portfolio features some of the most famous fashion designers and brands in the world. These include Zandra Rhodes, Anthony Price Harvey Nichols, Kenzo of the luxury goods house LVMH. In addition to private clients, Bernard has worked on large advertising campaigns, fashion shoots, magazine articles, film and TV. He is the preferred stylist and art director for many on-going global advertising and corporate campaigns.

He was joined by media personality Sarah Mulindwa, who works in TV, radio, media and fashion. The fashion editor of 1883 Magazine presents on Hoxton Radio and has previously written for newspapers such The Metro.She has become one of the most well-respected fashion insiders in the capital. Mulindwa is currently a fixture on Channel 4’s Sex Clinic.

Joe Alvarez is a socialite, celebrity photographer, journalist, publisher, fashion designer and personality. Joe Alvarez was featured in a number of TV documentaries including BBCTV series Paparazzi Season 1 & Season 2 (as the only accredited celebrity photographer), he was featured in Fashion TV documentary Famous Photographers in Cannes Film Festival and made numerous appearances in various other documentaries: Dragon’s Den, RTL documentary about Venice Film Festival and various other showbiz and celebrity interviews including BBCRadio live reporting from the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Alvarez is CEO and Editor in Chief of Ikon London Magazine.

Best known as stylist and presenter on Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger, NHJStyle.com – her own Personal Styling Consultancy and Stylist Training Academy founded in 2001, has made Nicky Hambleton-Jonesinto a household name.

Nicky is a popular speaker and author of bestselling books – 10 Years Younger, 10 Years Younger Nutrition Bible, and the inspirational book Top To Top on how to become who you want to be, and her essential style bible How To Be Gorgeous.

Nicky has written for magazines such as Reveal, Fabulous, Rosemary Conley, Prima, The Lady and Mother & Baby. She also published her own magazine called At Home with Nicky Hambleton-Jones. She’s been the face of Transition Lenses and Clairol Root Touch Up, Style Adviser for Freemans catalogues, and anti-ageing expert for Avon – to name a few.

The Awards

A day of assessing and passionate debates amongst the panel came to a head at the Britain’s Top Designer Award show. Nine designers competed for this prestigious accolade, but there could only be one. Dubai-based TV and radio presenter Laura Naylor welcomed the audience before opening the floor to singer Lucy May Walker who has supported the likes of Lucy Spraggan and Wet Wet Wet and co-written songs with The Dunwells and Jamie Morrison (Stereophonics). Helen Kaye, Mary Dickow, Kepaza, Louisa Moody, Misora Nakamori, April Banbury, Joyce Pilarsky, Tuncer Tonunand sustainable jewellery designer Giebultowski presented their collections to the audience under the scrutinity of the judges.


Misora Nakamori with model

Second runner up Misora Nakamori with model photo: Joanna Mitroi

The Finalist

After the proceeding it was time to announce the winners. Second runner up went to Misora Nakamori. Misora Nakamori first gained attention when Lady Gaga wore one of her outfits.

The designer is known for her love of experimenting with different approaches and materials like metal, wood, resin, laser and rapid forms. Misora established her hybrid-signature style in her combination of technology and hand-made craft. Her collection was an interplay with textures, layers, shapes successfully fusing influences of punk, fantasy, tribal, glamour and rock for women that are strong bold but retaining their feminity.



Joyce Pilarsky with Model Natalie Photo Joanna Mitroi

First runner up Joyce Pilarsky with Model Natalie photo: Joanna Mitroi

The first runner up went to Joyce Pilarsky, another designer from the Philippines. Like the season’s five winner John Herrera who sat in the audience, her creativity did not disappoint. Joyce Pilarsky is a prolific luxury womenswear designer. Her collection have featured on catwalks around the globe like Philippines, Paris, New York, Germany, London, Abu Dhabi, to name a few.

She is passionate about promoting Filipino fabrics and materials like pineapple, abacca, pearls, natural stones and other Filipino materials, whilst aiming to provide more jobs for creative women locally.

Her collection stood out for their exquisite shapes, dreamlike quality, and an otherworldly feel and look. Models appeared transformed into characters of princesses, queens and fairies of a fantasy worlds with matching head dress and jewellery.

Finally the Britain’s Top Designer Winner was announced as Tuncer Tonun.

Turkey-born Tuncer Tonun, studied Fine Arts Faculty textiles and fashion at Yeditepe University, Istanbul with first place honours and won scholarship for future studies. He became more popular after teaming up with Tarkan, a popular Turkish singer by designing concert stages and video costumes for him. In 2010 he moved to London.

Tuncer makes his designs from recycled and environmentally, friendly materials that will inspire also his Haute Couture show. This is what sets him apart from other designers. He has ethical approach to fashion and his designs are eco-stylish.

Tuncer drew raving reviews from the judges, who commended him for his innovative creativity, attention to detail and the finishing. They were also captivated by the story behind his creation using vintage curtains from his grandmother. He presented a flamboyantly regal collection, mixing structural elements with flowing material. The colour palette featured flame red, beige, and brown.

Tuncer Tonun photo: Joanna Mitroi

Tuncer Tonun photo: Joanna Mitroi

Tuncer Tonun photo: Joanna Mitroi

Tuncer Tonun photo: Joanna Mitroi

Tuncer Tonun photo: Joanna Mitroi

Tuncer Tonun photo: Joanna Mitroi

All images: Joanna Mitroi

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