TV-Queen Vicky Pattison fulfils ultimate bucket list moment

Fridge Raiders launched Power Pals; a competition that offered two lucky winners the opportunity to fulfil a bucket list moment with a celebrity friend, leaving no room for excuses.

TV-Queen Vicky Pattison joined competition winner Jade on 25 July to fulfil Vicky’s ultimate bucket list moment – skydiving.

On the hottest day of the year last week, Vicky and Jade joined forces to jump from 15,000 feet. Naturally, protein-packed Fridge Raiders Combos helped keep the goal-getters powered.

Protein-based smarter snack brand, Fridge Raiders, can reveal that the number of searches for “bucket list” inspiration has increased by a quarter (23%) in the last year alone; supported by Fridge Raiders research revealing that 60% of UK adults want to be more adventurous.

Yet, despite our ambitions and lunchtime Googling, just 4% of adults achieve their goals every time; meaning 96% tend to fail. Sadly, a third (30%) are too busy, and the same amount (29%) claim to be too lazy to achieve their goals.

But there is hope – 65% of people claim that they’re more successful if their “bucket list moment” involves another person. So, with a companion there’s greater chance of ticking off seeing the Northern Lights (45% of UK adult’s top pick), visiting the Seven Wonders of the World (26%), flying in a hot air balloon (17%) or skydiving (12%).

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