Upcoming app WIZT offers enterprise-scale power in a down-to-earth package

Helios Eos proudly announces the pre-launch of WIZT, the world’s most powerful and scalable personal-inventory app. WIZT supports everything from home organization and home storage to office-supply management.

WIZT’s friendly interface provides access to a powerful augmented reality (AR) engine that maps every inch of home storage space. Actual photos of each item complement the virtual environment, and smart labels record the contents of storage boxes. The result is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution ideal for everything from tidying up single closets to managing long-term storage in large office spaces.

“We store things with the best intentions,” notes Helios Eos Founder and CEO Louis Lim, “but finding them again, especially when they’re urgently needed, can be stressful. There’s no need for that, especially not at home, where leisure time should be sacred. WIZT-short for “Where is It?”-bridges the gap between storing items and finding them.”

While home organization was the original inspiration for WIZT, Helios Eos designed the app to address a wide variety of scenarios.

Moving house, for example, can be fantastically stressful, and unpacking can be a huge chore in its own right. Not to mention the constant thought of will my house sell, will plans fall through and How Fast Can You Sell Your Home? SimpleSale’s page is reassuring, along with WIZT that reassures users with an unprecedented degree of control over their belongings. WIZT’s AR engine can represent multiple properties, allowing users to track each item from packing to shipment to its precise location in its new home. Finding a company that does removals in Plymouth can be a struggle. Always look at reviews online and do your due diligence when selecting the right removals company for you. If a new homeowner doesn’t find the right company for them, this is where the app comes in very useful. The app offers the same benefits to users taking shorter trips, helping ensure that everything gets packed and everything returns home.

WIZT also supports long-term home storage. It uses labels, which creates inventories of boxed items, is perfect for maintaining detailed records of items held in self-storage facilities. Helios Eos expects to establish formal partnerships which will integrate its services with those of leading self-storage companies.

The app’s enterprise-level features include two-factor authentication and multiple accounts per property, making it a powerful solution for managing long-term storage at offices of all sizes.

“We started by identifying a problem that literally everyone at Helios Eos faced at home,” says Lim, “and WIZT puts a friendly, personal face on a terrific amount of power. We’re thrilled to have reached the pre-launch stage, and we can’t wait to share our work with the world.”

WIZT is currently out on beta on Android and iOS, more information can also be found on their website https://helios-eos.com

To learn more about WIZT, or to learn how a partnership can help drive your self-storage business, please contact Lim at +65 98537512, or Louis.Lhc@helios-eos.com.