Vape and Juice will offer rewards to customers who recycle vape juice bottles and their lids

Vape and Juice will be encouraging customers to recycle their plastic vape juice bottles in store by offering a reward scheme to those who do. So, whether you have just finished your first bottle of cbd vape juice or a strawberry scented vape oil, this can all be recycled. You’ll be doing your part for the environment, and you could be part of this reward scheme that is on offer.
Vapers are invited to recycle all of their vape bottles with their lids, even if they were brought elsewhere, in exchange for points on their reward account which can be spent in store. So whether you brought your vape juice from sites like or from a dispensary, you can be a part of this journey in making the world a cleaner and environmentally friendly place. Plus, who doesn’t love a little incentive? Vape and Juice are currently the only vape shop in the UK to offer this scheme.

Director and owner, David Mason states “at Vape and Juice we care about the environment, and so do our customers. We have decided to introduce this initiative to ensure that single use plastics are recycled correctly.”

Customers will be offered the chance to sign up to a rewards card which they can build points on whenever they recycle their vape carts & juice bottles in store. Points can be turned into cash to spend on products at Vape and Juice.

When returned to the store customers will earn varied amounts depending on the size of the bottle.

10 ml bottle with a lid – 2.5p

30ml bottle with the lid – 5p

50ml/100ml bottle with the lid – 10p

With 26 Vape and Juice stores across Kent, Essex, London, Somerset and Ibiza it is easy enough to find one of the stores to recycle vape bottles and get rewarded.

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