After her viral success with her Liz Truss parodies, receiving millions of views on YouTube, Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist (The Dots) and Funny Women Content Creator Runner Up, Nerine Skinner, debuts at Edinburgh this year.

In 2022, politically unaware Nerine Skinner went viral overnight as Liv Struss, aka the politically hapless Liz Truss. Outlasted in Downing Street by a lettuce, Liz Truss’s political relevance faded and the country moved on – but Nerine didn’t. Through hilarious, original, oddball characters, award-nominated political parodies and heartfelt storytelling, this is the story of Nerine trying to let go, examining how holding onto the past and her unconventional upbringing led to an unhealthy co-dependency with the former Prime Minister.

Combining stand-up, songs and the use of some original character creations for self-help along the way, join Nerine as she desperately works out how to move forwards with her life. Surely this is simple? Well, it would be if she wasn’t indecisive like Liz Truss, or not great with finance, like Liz Truss. At least she doesn’t look like Liz Truss. Oh wait … What’s worse, Nerine has discovered more similarities to the ex-prime minister, forcing her to go back to her childhood to discover where it all started, bringing to light her extreme indecision and ridiculous anecdotes about her family. How does she even move on when she’s become known as a political satirist and impressionist, something she knows nothing about? But then, how easy is it to let go of someone who feels like they’re now a part of you? Toxic relationship klaxon!

Be prepared to re-acquaint yourself with Liz Truss, with a dash of Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries for extra measure, in this silly, energetic and truthful comedy debut hour!

Nerine Skinner is an actress, comedian and improviser and formerly one half of comedy duo, Franks and Skinner (★★★★★ Edinburgh 2015/17), and one third and co-creator of The Dots Comedy Cabaret Trio (★★★★★ Edinburgh 2019 and 13th in The List’s Most Rated Shows of the Festival). The Dots had huge success on Britain’s Got Talent, with over 4 million views and counting on YouTube. They even fooled Simon Cowell, reaching the Semi-Finals in 2022. Most recently, Nerine came runner up in the prestigious Funny Women Content Creator Award 2023 and has been featured on TV, BBC Radio 2, 4 and is regularly featured on BBC Upload with her sketches. Presently, Nerine can be seen in Faulty Towers The Dining Experience in London’s West End as Sybil Faulty and occasionally on the TV and radio with her political parodies.

In April, Nerine read excerpts from Liz Truss memoir for the BBC Newscast with Laura Kuenssberg podcast, BBC 5 Live Radio, The World According to Mike Graham on Talk TV and joined Matt Chorley on both his podcast Politics Without The Boring Bits and his radio show with Jon Culshaw and Rory Bremner.

Title: Nerine Skinner: The Exorcism of Liz Truss
Venue: Just The Tonic, The Caves, Out Of The Box
Ticket link:
Fringe Venue Number: 88
Dates & time: 1-25 Aug (not 12) @ 2.40pm
Press from: 2nd August
Age: 14+
Duration: 1 hour
Entry: from £6