“We cannot afford to be silent” says democracy campaigner and party leader Gina Miller at the University of East London

Democracy campaigner and party leader Gina Miller this week addressed students at the University of East London.

Miller is best known as a transparency campaigner and defender of representative parliamentary democracy, having twice defeated the Conservative government in its unlawful attempts to bypass Parliament to implement Brexit.

She now leads the True and Fair party, a new political force committed to reforming the UK’s democracy. Miller is to challenge the Conservative Party in Chris Grayling’s outer London constituency at the next election.

A former UEL student herself, with an honorary doctorate from the University, Miller hopes to inspire today’s students by sharing her career journey and political ambition to restore trust between the public and politicians.

Speaking in University of East London’s mock court room, Gina Miller, said:

“Yesterday’s King’s Speech offered little to mend the fracture between people and politicians. Many people simply won’t believe this government is offering any real change at all.

“With recent events such as the ongoing Covid inquiry yet again fraying public trust, our fundamentally flawed political system needs a root and branch overhaul.

“We cannot afford to be silent or complacent in the face of injustice or inequality. The future belongs to those who show up, and those who will inherit the consequences.

“Young people need to rise above the noise and negativity to demand better from their leaders for their communities and the country.

“With the possibility of a hung parliament looming, we must not be spectators but actors”