What is the Importance of Fire Risk Assessments for Businesses in London?

If you own a business, there will be certain affairs that you must take care of. Fire risk assessments are a needed service for companies across the globe. In the United Kingdom, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005 regulates fire safety regulations. Therefore for anyone who owns, manages or operates a business to be in compliance, they must follow these regulations. This would include not only owners of companies but businesses that have at least five or more people in it, managers who are in charge of people in the workplace, people in charge of maintenance and safety, etc. When you hire a fire risk assessment company in London, their job is to access your fire safety, removing your need to take this burden on yourself.

What is the importance of fire risk assessments for businesses in London?

1. To help you maintain legal as well as moral duties

Aside from being legally obligated, one of the primary jobs of a fire risk assessments service is to keep businesses safe regardless of legal mandates. One could argue that a disaster happening, such as a fire, is rare, but all it takes is one fire to cause massive destruction and even worse, death. Therefore, proactive steps to keep a business safe is essential. Hiring a fire risk assessment service is the number one way to do it.

2. Provide peace of mind

Another job of London fire assessment professionals is to maintain peace of mind. When you hire a professional for fire risk assessment, you can get a concrete explanation of your risk of fire and what you need to do to reduce that risk. There is no guesswork. Because being compliant with fire safety is mandatory by law, you don’t have to worry about being in danger of fines when you have a professional doing a thorough survey of your business.

3. Educate on preventing fires

A professional fire risk assessment service will educate you on maintaining a safe environment. They will look at your current fire policies, explain if they are useful and if anything needs to change. They will help you choose a responsible person to serve as a fire management member to ensure that regulations are always kept up to date. They can also train you and your employees on exactly what to do in case there is a fire. How to operate in the case of a fire emergency should never be something you’re guessing or have questions about. Written fire policies can be created for your business to keep on file and to refer to when needed.

4. Saving a business time and money

One of the things that a fire assessment team can do for your business is save you time and money. By hiring a fire assessment person, you will learn if your business is in compliance, what you need to do to correct a situation, and what is needed to maintain the status. Keeping your business in compliance will save you money over time in the unfortunate incident that there is a fire. It will save you time because you will know exactly what to do to maintain your business without wasted time and effort. You will also save money by not having to attend fire safety seminars and classes. A London fire risk assessor can take care of all the knowledge you and your employees need to know.

5. What are some of the specifics of a fire risk assessment?

There are a number of things that go into a fire risk assessment. Some of them include a review of your emergency exits, what your fire detection system looks like, what is the status of your fire extinguishing equipment, what is your emergency, etc.

6. How often should a fire risk assessment be done?

UK law does not mandate how often a fire risk assessment must be done. However, the person responsible for assessment must make a regular review, mainly if the status has changed. For example, if there has been a fire, a review needs to take place. If there have been recent changes to the building of the business, a review needs to take place. Reviews by a fire assessment professional typically don’t take as long as standard reviews.

London fire risk assessment can be done for a wide variety of businesses including commercial, industrial, hotels, hostels, home and health care, and more. Keeping your business safe is not only mandated by law but it is your responsibility to provide a business that is in fire safety compliance. Let a fire risk assessment professional help you do that. These assessments are provided at reasonable costs and vary depending on the intensity of the service needed. A professional fire risk assessment will offer a full range of fire safety services for you to choose from.

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