Why London Schools Need Good Printing Services

Schools, even ones that are government-funded, are in constant competition with each other. There are league tables, and parents are always looking for options to send their kids to the best possible schools. Presenting a positive outward image in promotional literature and day to day communications is important if you want to make sure that you are going to attract the best children. This is even more important for public schools.

This is why London schools need good printing services. They need to show that they care about the details and that they are investing in providing the best possible education for all children under their supervision. Little things like having quality binding in pamphlets, and using appropriate weight and weave paper for letterheads matters. There are companies out there that can supply these products to schools, this includes; printing ink, laminating films and laminators, etc. for children to get involved in their work. Signmaster Systems, the wide format printing specialists is one of these companies that can equip a whole range of hardware, software, and media for schools.

Affordable Yet Quality Printing Does Exist

School budgets are often quite stretched, and this is another reason why London-schools need good printing companies. It can be tempting to just buy paper and use a laser printer or inkjet to print everything that you need, but this is a false economy. Cartridges for commonly available office printers cost a lot of money compared to what the bigger printing firms have open to them, and the time to print a page can be quite significant too.

While laser printers can print black and white pages quite quickly, collating double-sided pages can be a fussy process, and inkjet printers for colour printing can be slow and cumbersome to use too. If the paper tray is not kept loaded properly, then it can jam, or the print can come out on the page misaligned. Why waste the time of a secretary or a teacher on printing out leaflets or hundreds of letters when a printing firm has access to commercial printers that are faster and more reliable?

Printing for Uniforms

Another area where a printing service could help a local school is garment printing. Getting professionally printed bibs, t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters from a reliable company that offers sublimation printing is something that will score points with the parents of the children at the school.

A lot of schools use screen printing companies, and while this can seem appealing in that it reduces the cost of the garment up-front, the print is likely to wear off very quickly. Kids like to play on grass and do messy arts and crafts, and it won’t take long for a school sweater to get dirty. Uniforms need to be washed frequently, and quality printing is a must. Some schools opt for embroidery instead of printing, and this is another good, long-lasting option.

Choosing the right printing service can save the school a lot of money while improving the quality of literature and marketing materials that are available to them. It can help to make the school look even more professional, and reinforce the idea that the school takes the education of all children seriously. This helps keep the parents on your side throughout the academic year and benefits everyone – children, teachers, teaching assistants and parents alike.

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