Why Men Run Instead of Working Things Out…

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Does your man always run when you disagree with him or make a complaint?

You’re not alone because men will do all it takes to avoid disagreements.

Although fighting is not advisable, but when you don’t talk things through and resolve issues, your relationship will become unhealthy and both of you are more likely to grow distant from each other due to the frustration, hurt and disappointment that emanate from the unsettled differences.

It is important to know why men avoid conflict instead of working things out. When you understand these reasons, you will be able to handle them when they pop up and will also be able to move on if a breakup eventually happens.

Here are some reasons why your man runs instead of working things out.

Emotional pressure

If you’re the type that always ask for more from your man (more love, more affection or more sex), or maybe you always try to ‘fix’ things in your relationship, you’re simply telling your man that he’s not enough for you. This makes him feel pressured and inadequate.

The emotional pressure that this causes challenges the underdeveloped part of your man’s masculinity (this happens in all men). He will think that anything he does is never enough and good for you. This feeling shuts him down and makes him lock his heart.


If your relationship is competitive (i.e. if he has to compete with you for control of your relationship), he will feel that you don’t respect his masculinity. This is the main reason why men flee and you need to take it serious.

I’m not saying the entire relationship should be controlled by the man; it’ll be unfair to say so. However, there should be complementary efforts where each of you controls specific areas. Absence of such complementary effort leads to competition and can make the relationship to hit the rocks.

A man will not be willing to open his heart to you if he feels that you’re against him. This is usually due to his fear of getting hurt.


All men want women that will accept them during their challenging moments. As a woman, you’re the key to your man’s happiness and greatness. A man can never live with a woman that doesn’t respect him.

If you want to unlock what’s hidden within your man, here’s the secret key that you need to use…

Respect him.

When a man feels respected, he will be more open and will also be able to take greater risks in life.

If your man ran without working things out, these tips would have opened your eyes to see why. So, what do you need to do to get him back? You need to reflect and immediately swing into action to correct the situation if you truly love him. Once you’re willing to respect your man and your differences, you will be able to penetrate his defences and also gain access to the deepest depth of his heart. This will make him calm and he’ll be able to trust you.

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