Why You Should Invest in Asia Instead of Elsewhere

Asia is home to over 4.4 billion persons, making it the most populous continent on Earth. More people live in Asia than outside it. This means that Asia has the highest amount of human resources. This places the continent as a world power in its rights. The accelerated technological growth and the combined economic stability Asia has experienced in the last three decades is one of the many reasons why you should invest in this region. Here’s is a list of 7 reasons why you should invest in Asia instead of anywhere else.

Uninterrupted Economic Growth

In the last 3 decades, Asia has experienced steady growth in its economy, more than any other continent. With such a very dense population, her continued economic growth remains a good indication of her strong markets and efficient workforce.

According to a recent report about the most profitable areas to invest, 5 Asian countries made it to the top 10 Best Countries to Invest In. Also, Forbes listed 4 Asian countries as part of the top 10 Best-Emerging Markets of 2020. This rapid and continued growth is one of the reasons why you should invest in Asia now!

Investing in Asia Means Investing in the World

As earlier stated, Asia’s 4.4 billion populace has been a strong driver for its economic growth. Very populous Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and India have a very robust economic framework. A very large population equals a very large consumer market. Many multinational corporations seek expansion into this market. This is because it is more profitable to sell to the 126.5 million consumers in Japan than the 1.92 million in Latvia. Also, because of its population, it is safe to say that the region is responsible for most of the world’s growth. Thus, when you invest in Asia, you are investing in humanity. This can go through opening a company and setting up a business to import products and distribute them. Vietnam is one of the priority choice among investors as it is a dynamic country with a huge middle class that consume a lot of imported goods.

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Small Asian Countries Strive As Well

Foreign businesses indeed have a greater interest in Asia because of its large population and influence. Yet, even small countries in the continent have had their share of the massive economic growth over the years. This is mainly because of the investments from the larger Asian countries. Investment from other parts of the globe has especially jump-started manufacturing and consumer-focused companies in China and Southeast Asia. Cambodia, Mongolia, and Vietnam are one of such countries that have benefitted immensely from these investments. Economies of developed nations, like Japan and Hong Kong, has helped feed investment and employment opportunities into their neighboring Asian countries. This collective economic growth from all Asian countries even fortifies the continent even more. This fortification has led to a cycle of wealth generation occurring throughout Asia, thereby producing a new, richer middle class.

Asia Has Every Type of Investment Option

Asia’s economies have a very wide range of investment options that cannot be found elsewhere. Investing in Asia gives you access to some markets that other continents (e.g Africa or South America) won’t give you. The strength of each Asian country complements the other, and, thus, you can find all types of markets in Asia. North America and Europe have a couple of developed nations, but no frontier market. The reverse is the case for Africa. But there are both developed nations and frontier markets in Asia, hence the advantage.

Asia is Very Business Friendly

Asia has a very business-friendly environment. The developed infrastructure and good government policies provide a good ground for businesses to strive. Singapore offers low taxes for companies and it has an easy setup for new businesses.

Hong Kong is similar to Singapore in terms of business advantages and ease of setting up and doing business. Foreign investors in Hong Kong have access to low taxation, and foreign corporations can expand their operations into other Asian countries by opening a branch in Hong Kong.

Manufacturing, health services, and biotechnology are among the sectors that are favored by the Malaysian government. They are encouraged by tax incentives and a set of available investments.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) do not impose taxes on the business income of most types of businesses. The exceptions are branches of foreign banks and oil and gas corporations.

Thailand supports foreign investors and businesses through its special investment policies that focus on free trade. The country gives special support to businesses and activities that promote innovation and technology.

Overall, Asia is very business-friendly. The countries have good infrastructure that supports investment. It is easier to receive support such as property funds, mutual funds, and crowdfunding in Asia than anywhere else.

The Asian Tourism Industry is on the Rise

The Asian tourism industry has tripled in size over the last 10 years. Asia accounts for more than 50% of air passenger growth in the last 10 years. The well-developed infrastructure and the numerous tourist attraction in Asian countries have made the tourism industry a sector worthy of your investment.

Asia is the Innovation Hub of the World

The last 20 years have seen Asia dominating the technological sector. In countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and China, the technology sector remains a major economic driver. Asia is largely financing its innovation, without global interference. The continent is responsible for about 71% of its venture capital funding. In 2018, 47% of start-up funding all over the world took place in Asia. This domination of the tech space makes Asia a very good choice for investment.


Although Asia is very integrated and resilient, there are plenty of opportunities for foreign investors and businesses to tap into. The continent’s steadily growing economy, superior investment opportunities, large consumer market, and technological dominance are reasons why you should invest in Asia instead of elsewhere.

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