YOUTH & GAUDI collaborate on’ sci fi psychedelic dub’ album

This album, as the title would suggest, is two (wall breaking and out there) artists/producers coming together – YOUTH: multi award winning, legendary music producer, sonic pioneer and founder & bassist of Killing Joke and GAUDI: international dance floor rocker and maverick producer of note have joined creative forces to release an sonic odyssey of an album. 

‘Astronaut Alchemists’ sees these two bass leviathans duelling their way through sci-fi, psychedelic dub space, for a brand new release on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label.  The resulting album is truly a lesson in synergy. ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ was made the purists way; the album was recorded over two years, each session was done together in the studio, face to bass, heating the metal of inspiration and pouring and shaping it as it flowed. Remarkable, with the schedule that both Youth and Gaudi keep, that it only took two years to coordinate the required studio sessions to birth the album.

‘Astronaut Alchemists’ is not the Youth and Gaudi’s first musical partnership, they took their initial creative trip together when Youth played the bass on the SCREEN album (the project with Gaudi, Alex Paterson’s The Orb & Rev. John Chester).  Since then the pair have performed live gigs together on several occasions and worked on a number of studio projects together including Hollie Cook’s new album ‘Vessel Of Love’The Orb’s latest album ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’ (both produced by Youth with keyboards by Gaudi) and their first vinyl release YOUTH & GAUDI – ‘2063 A Dub Odyssey’, which was released in 2016 on Liquid Sound Design.

Both creators are eclectic visionaries, they are both hugely respected artists in their own right and they are both known for “adding their touch” (be it production, instrumental or remix) to a broad array of collaborations with other artists such as Youth’s work with The Verve, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney (The Fireman), KLF, U2 and many more; Gaudi withLee “Scratch” Perry, Simple Minds, Lamb, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Horace Andy, Steel Pulse and Deep Forest to name but a scant few.

‘Astronaut Alchemists’ is true to its name, an alchemical showcase of spacious dimensions, a masterclass in weaving it up and keeping it tight, signatures and sounds from both artists transmuted by each other into something new.

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