1 in 3 London Households Will Embrace Zoom for a Covid-Safe Christmas

With only three households able to form a festive bubble over Christmas, turning to Zoom is going to be the only option for many people wanting to connect and chat safely with loved ones.

It’s a challenge faced by millions of families this year, even the Royals. According to recent news reports, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be embracing Zoom this Christmas due to Government rules allowing only three UK households to form a festive bubble from 23-27 December.

In a recent YouGov poll for Park Christmas Savings, 1 in 3 London adults expect to embrace Zoom this year. Latest Ofcom figures show that the pandemic has seen a 2,000% rise in the use of Zoom in the UK, with 659,000 users in January this year, rocketing to 13 million by April 2020.

But what can the region’s families do to still connect with loved ones and yet stay Covid-safe? The answer, according to UK Zoom Fairy – top Zoom expert Louise Irvine, is to get to grips with video-calling NOW so that by the time Christmas comes round connecting virtually to friends and family far and wide will be a fun and joyful experience.

While office workers and business have had months to embrace Zoom, getting to grips with it for families and novices is a real challenge says the top Zoom host and expert Louise, who has worked with everyone from business executives and household brands in putting the vavoom into Zoom!

Louise, 38, from Glasgow, says: “Just like the Royals, this year families all over the UK will be turning to technology to safely connect with loved ones. While many office workers have had to get to grips with it for months, millions of ordinary families are still unsure of how it works. I quickly realised that while those who use it for work feel confident with the tech, ordinary families and mums at home, can find it intimidating and yet they want to safely have Zoom chats and enjoy the joy of Christmas. I want to reassure families that with a few tips and a smart set-up, anyone can enjoy great Zoom video calls and enjoy a wonderful Christmas get together virtually.

She adds: “This means families can have virtual reunions with loved ones all over the world by video and not just those who they can’t be with in a festive three-household bubble. It’s a new and very safe way of doing Christmas and, just like the Queen, anyone of any age can learn how to make the best of it.”

Park Christmas Savings, the UK’s biggest family festive savings club, has partnered with Louise to offer free support and advice to the millions of families around the UK for whom using video calling will feature as part of Covid-safe festive ‘get-togethers’ and is offering free coaching with ‘Facebook lives’ and free festive Zoom backgrounds too.
Top 5 Tips for a Zoomtastic Family Christmas

· Laptop or phone camera position – ensure the laptop is high up and the camera lens is in a “looking down” view. Clean the lens, you’d be amazed how many people have blurry cameras.

· Lighting – ideally choose a position where there is lots of natural light so everyone can see you clearly on-screen or switch on the lights and add a table lamp near the side of the camera to boost reflection. Avoid lights from behind you as you will look much darker

· Background – for a video chat make sure your background isn’t too “busy” or distracting. Pick an unfussy or blank wall near the Christmas tree or curtains. If you like, you can even download a fun free festive digital Zoom background from Park Christmas Savings.

· Sound quality – make sure your volume is turned up, says Zoom Fairy Louise. It can help to use headphones, especially if they have a mic on them. If you are in a group keep the space in front of the laptop/phone mic clear.

· Interruptions – make sure your mobile and house phone are on silent so that people don’t interrupt you. Also, check your internet connection – ensure you are as close to your router as possible and that other family members aren’t using the internet at the same time to ensure a really good connection.

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