A candid chat with writer and series creator Isaac King

Isaac King, the African American writer, and creator of soon to be comedy series, “How To Be Black”, has been making waves in his country, now, globally, with his upcoming series and we had a few questions about it.

LTV: What’s the series about?

ISAAC: Well it’s a show about a guy that’s from California, similarly to myself, and he’s forced to move to a practically remote location in Georgia, and he soon realizes that the “black experience” has eluded him, so he tries to compensate, and it’s hilarious!

LTV: Your country is a bit at odds right now, surely a show called “How To Be Black” is gonna stir up issues, has it?

ISAAC: Aside from threats, attempt at boycotting, and flat out craziness that has been associated with my promotional run of the show, folks just feel that it’s all gonna be so dark, and I feel like we could all use a laugh.

LTV: When will the show be out?

ISAAC: May 2020, via Queue Vision on Roku and Amazon Fire devices.

Mr. King has a lot ahead of him, and hopefully he will be able to keep his head afloat, and get his own message across.

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