Londoners have some of the cheapest council tax bills in the UK

Westminster has the cheapest council tax bills in the UK at just £782.

New research from Coulters Property looks at Band D council tax prices around the UK to reveal the areas with the cheapest bills:

While it’s no surprise that London has some of the most expensive house prices in the country, it is shocking to find out it is home to the four cheapest council tax areas.

Wandsworth comes in at second, costing £800, The City of London third at £800 and Hammersmith and Fulham the fourth cheapest at £1,124.

The Top 10 Areas Paying the Lowest Council Tax

The four cheapest places for council tax were all located in London, with those in Westminster paying as little as £782 for a band D property.

You may be surprised just how it varies across the country with some homeowners at the top end paying £1,300 more than those at the bottom…

For example, Rutland, the UK’s smallest county and home to just 40,000 people, pays the highest overall. For a band D property residents council tax bills are £2,125 which is 17% more than the national average.

You can see the full research here:

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