Actor Beau Brasseaux shares funny story of Channing Tatum

Beau Brasseaux recently posted about an experience at the GI Joe Retalition cast party.

Brasseaux stated that Channing was denied entry when they casually walked up to the entrance without an invite. However, Channing was cleared to enter once phone calls were made and the two were able to join the rest of the cast.

Brasseaux also shared a throwback photo of himself and other cast members that attended the party. Tatum and Brasseaux, who are spotted together frequently, are no strangers to the party scene.

Both have had residence in New Orleans and have ties to several film projects. UK actor Ray Stevenson also had a major part in this blockbuster film which grossed well over 40 million in its opening week.

See the links below to catch up more on Brasseaux.

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