Application Delivery Redefined Using Droplet Container Technology

Droplet Computing today announced their patent-pending application container solution – Droplet Universal – that decouples applications from the operating system and enables applications to run on any device, on- or offline.

“Application delivery methods haven’t really changed for the past 20 years or so,” stated Stephen Horne, co-founder and CEO, Droplet Computing. “The various technologies currently available all come with complexities and caveats to deliver an acceptable user experience. Droplet Computing’s raison d’etre is to redefine application delivery to remove the barriers to an extraordinary user experience, no matter what their applications or preferred choice of device.”

In the Gartner Symposium keynote in October 2017, they predicted that, by 2023, 90% of current applications would still be in use. Droplet Universal enables businesses to run current and legacy applications on any device, regardless of connectivity, operating system and underlying chipset.

Droplet Universal enables:

• Your device of choice

• Security for applications & data

• Consistent speed of applications

• Functionality and familiarity

• On- or offline

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