Mobile Night Shelter raising funds through online auction

A local firm are running a Jumblebee online auction to raise desperately needed funds for Sussex Homeless Support and the mobile night shelter. We need publicity and a sympathetic ear. ’Lots’ are being donated by local businesses, hotels, Brighton artists, authors and many others who recognise the work that SHS is doing in the local community. The online auction runs until Monday 9th April. In 2 weeks, it has raised nearly £2,500 but it needs further exposure and here’s where we hope you can help.

Link to the auction site:

About Sussex Homeless Support (SHS)

Based in Brighton but with links covering the UK, SHS is a homeless charity that works with and supports many others in the city to achieve its ambition of zero food poverty and 100 % support for all people in Brighton.

As well as collecting food and items of clothing and distributing them out daily to people on the streets, SHS provides cooking for the Anti-Freeze Homeless Project (Mondays) and hosts the lively Street Kitchen at the Clock tower on Sundays. The charity also provides supplies to people recently re-housed.

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