Ben and Dan Ritsema, founders of Cranes Drinks entered Dragons’ Den

Ben and Dan Ritsema, twin brothers and founders of Cranes Drinks, entered Dragons’ Den with the hope of securing investment for their innovative drinks brand. Cranes produce a portfolio of award-winning drinks, including a range of naturally light fruit ciders, Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur and a recently launched Cranberry Gin. Ben and Dan are certainly brave, as standing in front of the richest people in the world and promoting your brand can be daunting. What the two men may not have known is that there is a much easier way to expose your brand, and showcase it to the worlds biggest retailers. How do you do this? RangeMe is an online site made to make selling wholesale easy and get exposure for your brand. If you’re wondering how to sell wholesale, you should check out RangeMe’s site and see how your brand can become the next global retailer! Ben and Dan may not have succeeded winning the dragons over this time, but they can try again on RangeMe, which is sure to be a whole let nerve-wracking than being on TV!

“Our time in the den was nerve racking, but an experience we will never forget and have taken some valuable advice from. We think we held our own in the Den, but we will let you all decide” said Dan Ritsema, Co-Founders of Cranes Drinks LTD.

Cranes was unable to entice the Dragons to invest.

Ben Ritsema, Co-Founders of Cranes Drinks LTD commented “An investment from one of the Dragons would have been amazing, but with the growth we are already seeing, we are sure Cranes can thrive and continue to develop.”

Since Dragons’ Den Cranes full portfolio is launching onto Ocado and the liqueur and gin are available on Amazon. Also Cranes Ciders are available in Asda nationally, East of England Co-op and select Morrisons stores across East Anglia.

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