BookAclassic joins the DRIVESHARE family, the world’s largest classic car sharing and experience platform

BookAclassic has become part of the DRIVESHARE family, the largest global community of classic car owners and enthusiasts. DRIVESHARE now encompasses DriveShare (previously owned by Hagerty), and US platform Vinty.
As part of this transition, the BookAclassic logo now includes the DRIVESHARE name, reflecting DRIVESHARE’s mission to bring classic car enthusiasts together and paving the way for one completely unified platform and brand in the future.
For BookAclassic users, it’s business as usual. Whether you’re looking for a self-drive rental, a vehicle for TV, advertising, or film shoots, or chauffeured hire for weddings, proms, and events, the platform has it covered… and if UK users travel stateside, they know they can enjoy a classic car on their trip on the DRIVESHARE platform too.
BookAclassic owner Garry Gore says “I’ve had a great time listing my car. Peggy Sue is a 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe who always steals the show. The process is easy, and I love seeing how much joy Peggy Sue brings to people’s special events. Whether it’s a prom, a wedding, or just a fun drive around town, Peggy Sue never fails to make the occasion unforgettable. Not only have I been able to earn some extra income, but I’ve also had the chance to share her with others. If you have a classic car, I recommend BookAclassic – it’s been a fantastic experience and being part of a larger worldwide community is an exciting development.”
“We’re delighted with our recent advancements and the strengthening of our community,” says Kent Mosbech, CEO of DRIVESHARE. “These developments reinforce our commitment to giving enthusiasts unparalleled access to classic cars. We’re better positioned than ever to deliver on our promise of unforgettable driving experiences.”
The new BookAclassic logo is part of DRIVESHARE’s broader mission to grow the worldwide classic and collector car community. By combining resources and communities, DRIVESHARE continues to build on its platform and services with a truly global vision. It’s all about sharing a passion for classic cars, whether through renting, driving or simply admiring these legendary vehicles.
In the meantime, users are encouraged to explore the huge range of iconic vehicles, take advantage of the improved services available in multiple countries, and connect with fellow enthusiasts within the growing classic car community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and enhancements in the coming months.