Shade the UK teams up with Islington Climate Centre to host a People’s Assembly on Heat and Shade

Summer 2022 will forever be etched in the memories of those residing in the United Kingdom. From July 16th to 19th, an unprecedented heat wave swept across the nation, leaving a trail of broken records and communities under threat.

Servers at St Thomas Hospital in London shut down and the London Fire brigade reported its busiest day ever (1 and 2). It is currently only late spring and already countries around the world are reporting record-breaking heat waves with Delhi hitting 49.9° (3) and howler monkeys and bats falling out of trees out of heat exhaustion in Mexico (4).

What have we learnt and what can we do to prepare for the next heat wave ?
Islington Climate Centre and Shade the UK are teaming up to host a People’s Assembly about heat and shade in Islington.

The event will bring together local community groups, business networks, faith groups and other organisations to explore shared knowledge and work out the simple things we can do to reduce the impact of hot weather and heatwaves on our community.

“Collaboration is key to adapting and building resilience to climate change. Together, we are stronger,” says Islington-based community interest company (CIC) Shade the UK.
Shade the UK works collaboratively to adapt the built environment and public spaces to protect vulnerable people against a changing climate. Shade the UK has been researching the impacts of overheating in Islington’s buildings and have collected a range of ‘40 degree stories’* from people affected by the heatwave in 2022.

A People’s Assembly is a facilitated conversation which works by bringing a really diverse range of people together to pool ideas and explore mutual support.

Questions that will be explored during the Assembly include:

Hot weather is a relatively new phenomenon for Islington. How can we help ourselves to be more heat-aware? What are the quick wins to stay cool and safe?
Do you know of a potential ‘cool place’ or ‘cool space’ to go to when it gets hot? For example churches, libraries, shops, shady parks and streets? What can we do to create more of these places and spaces and to let people know where they are?
As we experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, who do we need to look out for in our neighbourhoods? How can we ensure the most vulnerable people in our community are OK during hot weather?
What can we learn from people’s stories from the 2022 heatwave? What can we learn from cities which have hotter weather and more intense heat waves than London?

*An exhibition of Shade the UK’s ‘40 degree stories’ will be on display at this event and will be available for viewing throughout London Climate Action Week 2024 , between 10am and 6pm on Tuesday 25 June, Wednesday 26 June and Thursday 27 June.

This event is free to attend, but please email to register your interest in participating.

Location: Islington Climate Centre, First Floor, Angel Central, Islington, N1 0PS (next to Wagamama)