Camille Walala transforms Adams Plaza Bridge for London Mural Festival

Canary Wharf is set to welcome internationally renowned artist, Camille Walala, this September. Making her mark on one of London’s most iconic spaces, Walala will transform Adams Plaza Bridge into one of the highlights of the inaugural London Mural Festival.

The French artist, known for her bold colours, playful shapes and geometric patterns, is a breath of fresh creativity who brings joy and inspiration to those that view her work. Walala’s ability to impact the urban landscape is unrivalled – with large-scale installations that transform public spaces across the world, including Hong Kong, New York and Mauritius.

A resident of East London for over 20 years, Walala is the perfect match for Canary Wharf. The design will wrap Adams Plaza Bridge in enchanting geometric shapes and every aspect of the colour wheel. Inspired by the architectural details and pronounced perspective of the striking structure, Walala will use the tunnel-like bridge as a canvas to transform the space into a surprising and vibrant backdrop for visitors.

The installation is the perfect accompaniment to the existing green spaces and impressive skyline of the Canary Wharf estate. It will become cemented as part of Canary Wharf’s already impressive collection of public art, living beyond the duration of the London Mural Festival.

The inaugural London Mural Festival which will run through-out September will feature 150+ global artists who’ll paint 40+ large scale walls across the capital alongside a plethora of smaller activations.

London Mural Festival sets out to use London as a vast canvas celebrating creative communities across the world, whilst introducing a new way for people to experience one of the world’s biggest art movements.

Camille Walala, said: “East London means so much to me. I have lived here for over 20 years and my project in Shoreditch launched my career. Now I’m excited to put my own stamp on the iconic Canary Wharf.

This is my first bridge! Adams Plaza Bridge is a fascinating structure so I wanted to use what was there as a canvas. The architecture of the long tunnel-like bridge is really inspiring and I wanted to accentuate the feeling of this exaggerated perspective. The palette and patterns create a sense of movement and surprise. I hope it brings a smile to all of the people that will pass it every day.”

When: 1st – 30th September 2020 as part of London Mural Festival; then a permanent feature of Canary Wharf’s art collection

Where: Adams Plaza Bridge, Canary Wharf

How much: Free

Further details:

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