CHEF ADAM SCHIHAB AT Vanille Restaurant making amazing collection pastries

Adam Schihab is a famous Chef, Baker/Chef Patissier in the bakery industry across the globe.

He is a renowned culinary chef, entrepreneur, food influencer with a notable career trajectory. He is very enthusiastic about working with fresh culinary products, designing innovative recipes and promoting restaurant ratings.

Aside from these passions, his outstanding communication, administration and convergent thinking got him extraordinary achievements in the last 23 years.

Adam Schihab studied at the Institute of Hotel & Catering Services. He had Master’s Degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool. He was trained in Pastry schools in Paris, France, and at HTC’s French Culinary School in Asia. Adam is currently based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. He has worked in ten other countries—Italy, Maldives, Indonesia, the United States, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Qatar, the Philippines, and Oman. He had the opportunity to work and cater at five-star hotels and resorts around the world which includes the Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hilton Dusit Thani, Ritz-Carlton, and Relais & Châteaux in France.

His passions for entrepreneurship and food made him use social media to build a network of the world’s best culinary professionals. He is always in search to partner with new business professionals and chefs to take on the next thrilling food project. His Instagram accounts: @vanilla__sa @Vanillaksa and @fourberry17 are highly recommended for exploring latest baking and gourmet adventures everyday.

If you’ve been following him on Instagram ( @fourberry17 ), you’ll highly want to buy his recipe book, ‘The Islanders Chef’. The book is a collection of all his assorted recipes you will want to try. It covers a huge variety of the following recipes:
* Macarons
* Cakes
* Pastries
* Croissants
* Decadent chocolate cake &
* French Chocolate tart

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