Chef Lisa Roukin has spent years creating gluten-free dishes

Chef Lisa Roukin has spent years creating gluten-free dishes that use no hydrogenated oil and refined sugar. Now, after a decade of testing and developing healthy recipes, the Le Cordon Bleu chef is sharing her ultimate kitchen essential: the My Relationship with Food silicone baking mat.

The chief benefit of the BPA-free silicone mat is that nothing sticks thus enabling cooks to reduce oil up to a full 100%. Whether the mat is used for roasting vegetables, with only a touch of oil for flavour, or baking homemade fish & chips made with corn flakes instead of traditional wheat-based batter, any added oil is minimal compared to frying. The results are delicious and have the advantage of decreasing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease in later life.

Chef Roukin explains further, “The secret is that the mat distributes heat evenly when items are being cooked. This is particularly useful for preparing healthy dishes such as homemade granola, kale chips, or even gluten-free macaroons without the challenging task of scraping off the mats, as nothing sticks. It also eliminates the need for parchment paper or aluminium foil which makes the mat environmentally friendly too.”

Roukin continues, “I discovered the mats early in my catering career when I noticed that the chefs used silicone fibreglass mats for crisping vegetables, producing perfect tuiles and creating delicate chocolate work. Light, easy-to-clean and store, the silicone mats were an important reason how luxury restaurants were able to achieve their results.
“Later, I discovered the convenience of using the silicone mat in my own home. I no longer had to scrub endless baking trays! It became an essential ‘bit of kit’ in my own kitchen and I used it extensively when creating the dishes found in my cookbook, My Relationship with Food.

“Eating a healthy diet requires a level of discipline and some education. There’s more preparation because you are using fresh ingredients, and the key to remaining on track is simplifying how you work in the kitchen. The My Relationship with Food silicone mat helps. Little oil, little clean-up and a whole lot more time to enjoy what you’ve cooked (without having to scrub or leaving half of what you’ve spent time cooking on the tray)!”

The My Relationship with Food silicone fibreglass baking mat is available for £19.99 plus P&P at and on

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