Culture vultures settle in Wembley Park

25 years ago, on 22 September 1994, we were treated to the very first episode of Friends on our TV screens.

The show’s runaway success saw the cast shoot in a range of exotic locations over the course of its 10 seasons, including in London’s Fountain Studios for The One with Ross’s Wedding.

Although Fountain Studios closed its doors at the end of 2016, the site has not lost its creative vibe. Instead, it is now home to the brand new Troubadour Theatre – one of Wembley Park’s most exciting cultural venues.

The 1,000 to 2,000-seat theatre transforms completely to meet the needs of each production, pushing the boundaries of what theatre can achieve in order to allow both well-known and emerging production companies to create mesmerizing and immersive shows. There’s also an impressive restaurant and a bar for socialising.

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