Cutting-edge oil spill solutions and technology on show at Interspill London 2018

Running from March 13-15 at the ExCel in London, the Interspill London 2018 conference and exhibition represents an important networking opportunity for oil spill industry professionals, academics and government officials. This topical event provides a lively and inspiring forum wherein experts from differing but complementary professional backgrounds can exchange views, catch up with the latest scientific and technological developments and brainstorm potential solutions for future oil spills, focusing upon Spill Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Restoration.

Co-located for 2018 with the ExCeL-based Oceanology International marine science conference and exhibition, Interspill is now in its 8th edition. More than 80 exhibitors have booked stands for the London 2018 event, representing over 50 countries, in categories ranging from Prevention, Ecological Health & Pollution, Marine Bio Remediation, and Environmental Consultancy to Emergency Response, Restoration, Field Equipment/Instrumentation and Shoreline Clean-up.

Reflecting the depth of expertise involved in Interspill London 2018, exhibitors include Kongsberg Satellite Services (stand S200), providing oil spill detection based on information received from satellite-based sensors; Sajas Group (stand W260), a 73-year-old brush manufacturing company from Finland; International Bird Rescue (stand W555), a professional group that manages emergency wildlife responses throughout the world; and ITOPF (stand S201), a non-profit organisation established to promote effective response to oil and chemical marine spills. Speaking of oil spills, sites like MT Mechelec could help provide insight into why oil filtration systems and separation may be beneficial to preventing a situation like an oil spill.

“ITOPF has been working in the spill preparedness and response field for the last 50 years and values Interspill as an excellent opportunity to share experiences and exchange views on current and future issues, and a useful vehicle for raising awareness of our on-going activities,” says ITOPF Technical Director, Richard Johnson.

In conjunction with Interspill committee members Cedre (stand S500), international experts in water pollution, ITOPF will also be hosting a series of free-to-attend, one-hour Science Workshops. These will cover topics including Response in Cold Environments and Marine Pollution Impacts and will augment the Spill Industry Seminars, a sequence of exhibitor presentations intended to highlight the latest developments in oil spill prevention and response.

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