Days Out for Horse Lovers in and Around London

Other than the Queen’s guard at Buckingham Palace or during a special theatre production, it is unlikely that many visitors to London will be in town to clap eyes on a long-nosed thoroughbred.

However, that is not to say that the capital is devoid of equine action for those who want it, with events taking place both inside and just outside of the city limits that will keep horse aficionados entertained for hours or days at a time.

Here are just some of the equine events that any horse lover who happens to be in London should most definitely check out.

London is blessed to have many great racecourses that are within touching distance of the city centre

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one of the biggest highlights of the UK racing calendar with sports bettors strategizing over which horses to pick long before this five-day festival of racing gets underway.

The beauty of Royal Ascot is that it is a truly inclusive event, with people from all backgrounds and financial means able to enjoy the racing and peruse the form guide.

If you and your friends have never been to the races, or do not know the first thing about horse racing, then luckily for you there are some free expert tips available online. This means you will be able to hold your own in any conversation you strike up with other race goers, either at the enclosures, or in one of the dining marquees.

With a train from Waterloo station taking you direct to Ascot in under an hour, this is one very accessible horsey event that you cannot afford to miss.

If racing is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other equine events to keep horse fanatics of all kinds happy

Olympia London International Horse Show

This annual event is housed in the enormous confines of the Olympia, with its multiple hangers and event spaces packed with everything from manufacturers of equine products, to huge display areas where show jumping, and pony riding take place.

This really is a one-stop shop for anyone who loves being overwhelmed by horse related paraphernalia. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet famous jockeys and riders, as well as getting hands-on with the beautiful beasts themselves.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

If you like the idea of a horse show, but do not wish to be stuck inside all day, then the Royal Windsor Horse Show is probably a good option for you, being the biggest outdoor horse show in the country.

What makes this event even better is that it takes place in the incredible surrounds of Windsor Castle, with the royal family opening the castle’s grounds to fellow horse lovers.

With the castle being close to Heathrow airport, this is another event that is within easy striking distance of London Town.

This is also so much more than just a show, with there being world class show jumping, eventing, and dressage taking place.

Household Cavalry Museum

London is often full of surprises, and it has one up its sleeve in the heart of Whitehall, which is of course the Household Cavalry Museum.

This museum is the place to go for those interested in horses that came to fame on battlefields of old, but there is also the added bonus of there being a working stable at the heart of the building, giving visitors the sights and smells they would normally only encounter in the countryside.

Kempton Park Racecourse

If you cannot make it to Royal Ascot or just fancy being surrounded by fellow racing aficionados, rather than people more interested in the post-race concerts than horses, then Kempton Park is good bet for you.

With race meets being held right around the year, Kempton is a great go-to venue for lovers of horse racing, with it handily located just outside of Twickenham.

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