Distinguished actress Alli McLaren steals the spotlight in her new series: The First Month Is Free

Distinguished Australian Actress, Alli McLaren, steals the spotlight in her new series: The First Month Is Free. The series is set in a small boutique gym that McLaren’s character, (Addison Carter) owns.

Addison Carter (McLaren) grew up as a child celebrity starring in movie after movie until the pressure to be perfect in Hollywood seemed to get the best of her. Addison spent years struggling with eating disorders and ultimately, as a young adult, she ended up in rehab.

Whilst Addison Carter was in rehab she fell in love with fitness and had the idea to open her own gym. Addison’s manager thought this would make a great comeback story and the two of them decided to turn the gym opening into a reality TV show so the world could see she was on the right track again. The only issue with that was that no one knew what they were doing, or had any experience in running a gym, and it was all on camera for the sponsors of the gym to see.

Alli McLaren, a well known, award winning and internationally accliamed actress carried this series with such poise and played the leading role of Addison Carter in such an intellegent, yet indearing way. McLaren was in great company, other cast members for The First Month Is Free include Noel Gugliemi (The Fast and the Furious), Jordyn Jones (Abby’s Ultimate Dance Contenst), Tim Pocock (Dance Academy), Robert Morgan (Hacksaw Ridge), Breana Raquel (Criminal Minds), Simonna (NCIS: Los Angeles), Nick Moss (Emmy Award Winning Actor for The Cobblestone Corridor). When you put this many star names and talent into one TV show, it is bound to be something incredible, and The First Month Is Free did not fall short of incredible. What made The First Month Is Free so fun and enjoyable to watch was on one hand there are so many great family friendly and humerous scenes which you can’t help but indulge and laugh at, yet on the other hand, there was a much deeper context to the show that had you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next and having real empathy for the characters, espically McLaren’s character, Addison Carter.

Alli McLaren was by far the stand out performer and leading actress in this series, she won the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Pilot at the International Hollywood Womans In Film Festival in June 2019. McLaren was up against other star names for this award, but she was the clear winner. And in great company as well, other award winners from this film festival included Michael Learned (8 time Emmy Nominated, 4 Emmy wins and 4 Golden Globe nominations) and Ondi Timner (2 Sundance Grand Jury Prize Wins, 4 SXSW Grand Jury Prize Nominaions and 4 Tribeca Film Festival Nominations).

The is no surprise that the teaser for The First Month Is Free gained over 10M views on Youtube in less then a week after McLaren posted the ad on her social media channels, fans all over the world started getting excited, making fan pages and sharing it with their friends as well. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears tuned for more information so you can watch Alli McLaren star in The First Month Is Free.

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