EXCLUSIVE: Mike Mattera discusses “Chasing the Vision”

One million followers on Instagram is an insane number! how did it feel hitting
that goal?
It’s hard to express the gratitude I feel towards everyone who supports me. Seeing
where I started, just posting photos to my close friends and family to then being
where I am today truly amazes me.

Among your works which is your favourite and why?
One of my favourite photos is one that I took at Moraine Lake in Banff. I woke up at
2 am to shoot some astrophotography here. The stars aligned (no pun intended) the
Milky Way lined up perfectly over the mountains & lake and I snapped the photo. It
was perfect. This photo reminds me of the whole experience, getting to the point
where i was whale to take the photo itself.

What are some passions of yours outside of Photography?
I am very passionate when It comes to music! I produced music from the age of 15
and pursued music in College!

How do you educate yourself to take better photos?
I never learned photography formally, I am completely self taught using YouTube!
Incredible creators like Peter McKinnon were huge inspirations to me. All of this
information is available to everyone, and the best part is It is free!

Which is your favourite lens and why?
My favourite lens is the 16-35mm f2.8 from canon! Because I am mostly a landscape
photographer, this lens gives me the ability to capture vastly wide landscapes in a
single frame!

How did your journey into the photography world begin?
My journey began totally by chance! The first time I went to Europe I was taken back
by the unique landscapes and started just snapping photos on a $300 camera I had
bought prior to the trip. From that moment I fell in love with It.

How do you feel about Instagram removing likes?
I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all actually! I’m glad you can still see your analytics on
the back end but I believe people will stop overthinking what they post. I am guilty of
this, holding back portraits and photos that I really loved in fear of It not “performing”
as well as my landscape photos. I really think this will fuel creativity.

Where can we follow your journey?
You can all follow me @witness on Instagram! That’s where I post most
of my content! & may start posting to YouTube soon!

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