Fadi Awad: “To Participate In The Real Big Fair Opened Festivals & Contests!”

It was a wonderful day to host The Multi-Awards Winner Music Artist Fadi Awad in a special interview and to congratulate him on his latest achievements asking him to reveal his latest news and updates!

Fadi as always was generous enough to reply and to tell us about everything clearly and honestly:

1- Welcome Fadi Awad and Congratulations on your latest winning Awards in August 2019 in The Las Vegas International Film Festival & Screenwriting Competition as well as in The Canadian Cinematography Awards!
What can you tell us about your first year of competing in the visual contests and festivals? And how much are you satisfied with the results so far?

– I would like first to thank you for inviting me here as well as for congratulating me on The Awards. In this year, my team and I have decided to compete for the first time ever in what we consider Top VISUAL international contests and festivals. We have actually participated in 3 so far and won Trophies in all of them. The Las Vegas International Film Festival & Screenwriting Competition, The Canadian Cinematography Awards, and The LA Music Video Awards 2019 where we won in 2 categories! I truly thank again All these events Organizers, Judges, and Staff for the appreciation and wonderful work. We cannot complaint at all about this wonderful beginning, hoping that we continue this way…

2- Fadi, what do you mean by “What we consider top visual international contests and festivals”?

– We like to participate in real big fair opened festivals and contests that accept every good level of artists internationally and judge fairly according to the submitted projects/performance and not according to other things…

3- What about The Grammys, The Oscars, and The Golden Globe?


– As a Musician, you have to have a track of yours inside a participant film in order to participate in the Oscars and the Golden Globe. We might do it someday… As for the Grammys, it’s mainly the yearly Awards distribution event supported by the big record companies to thank their old and new mainstream superstars about what they did and to help boosting the new of them… So basically, it’s not what we’re looking for…

4- So you’re more into colored and wide-opened contests and festivals with equal winning opportunities… Fadi, was any of your submitted projects denied from participating in a festival where you wanted to participate?

– Yes, unfortunately and amazingly! Some countries in Europe which basic languages aren’t English are not selecting the submission requests that are coming from the wild west to participate! I don’t know why!!! Although they are publishing and allowing international submissions!… It’s really strange in 2019…

   5- Absolutely!… By the way, Congratulations on your Nomination in The Hollywood Music In Media Awards! Do you think you can win there this year too?

– Ohh thank you! Last year I didn’t participate because I won there in 2017, but this year I’m participating hoping to win because it’s one of the top Awards contests in the world!

6- You are also participating in some other important worldwide top film festivals and Awards contests, do you think you can win there too?

– If our products are qualified and if those who will judge on them are qualified, we will win… If not, we will learn!

7- I’ve heard that you’ve finished doing lately a brand new super music score track! Is that true?

– Yes, and it’s called “To Glory Land”… I believe it should do good and give us a big support where it’s submitted…

8- You have released recently 2 Dance singles “Rise (Vocals Mix) and “Step On”, how much are you expecting from these releases?

– Well, when you have a good release and a good support, you can never know where your track(s) can reach. But honestly speaking, we released those as the last of my dance releases this year according to our plan and to keep the ball rolling. There isn’t currently any sponsor nor a big budget to push those releases beyond normal. But at a later stage, you never know…

9- Fadi, you have done all your achievements without sponsorship and without being hosted by a big major record company. I know that you’ve worked very hard to reach this professional level. And now after all what you’ve been through, do you still want any sponsors?

– Well, the sponsorship is good at any level. There are a lot of good and profitable things that we can do with a sponsor presence, and everyone will benefit…

10- Finally, what do you like to say to your supporters worldwide?

– I like to thank them All for their continuous appreciated support. I promised them and still do to always do my best for trying to achieve the top results possible, and I’m doing well so far because of their support… That’s why I ask them to always continue supporting us, while sending them much peace and love!

11- Thank you Fadi Awad for being able to come today, it was really a top interview!

– Thank you Everyone: Management and Staff for inviting me and for everything! Wishing you All much Peace and Love and Happiness and Success in everything you do!

Thank you Fadi, wishing you the same!…

And this is how we ended a wonderful interview with a decent positive person and a Multi-Awards Winner Artist who is a true hero in the music industry for being able to go that far without any sponsorship or financial support! Getting an extraordinary talent can help, but additionally the institutions in every country should always support and never ignore the talented musicians who are global messengers of peace and love in a world where these are mostly needed!

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