Fashion Everyday continue their rise to the top!

In a short period of time, E-commerce has emerged as one of the most successful business ideas. You can actually see it everywhere, be it in the marketing industry or communication industry or even in the Fashion industry. Right before E-commerce and social media evolved, people relied on news articles, magazines and TV for the updates related to fashion. But things have changed now, you are always just one click away from knowing everything related to fashion and everything. And Fashion Everyday is one of those social media and E-commerce platforms working hard in this genre.

Fashion Everyday, the brain child of the people responsible for No One Cares, one of the biggest social media platforms in the world is another example of hardwork and brilliance. Fashion Everyday in general terms can be defined as one stop for everything related to fashion and trend. It’s not everyday that you come across a platform that houses each and every aspect of Fashion at one place and Fashion Everyday is just that platform.

The backstory of Fashion Everyday is inspiring to its core. It wasn’t easy for Nikhil and Satyam, the two founders to create a platform solely dedicated to women amd fashion. When they started Fashion Everyday back in 2016, the vision was clear and the team, focused.

Eventually, these Nikhil and Satyam came across Prashant Urankar and Mandar Kshire. Prashant and Mandar, just like Nikhil and Satyam were trying their hands on social media business and this brought everything and everyone together.

Fashion Everyday, right from the day of its creation has focused on Fashion and women. With a whopping 4+ million followers, it has proved its worth and has shown how hard work can turn everything right.

The content that can be found on Fashion Everyday’s Facebook page and is vast, it ranges from current trends in clothing to accessories to lifestyle to articles related to women and fashion across the globe.

The team is even working to set up an online store which will focus on clothing, accessories and what not. The website as of now is full of latest news and breakthroughs related to fashion that has proven and is going to prove useful to everyone, they will start to stock clothes like sites such as boho womens clothing.

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