Fitness Fanatics in London Admit to Eating More Junk Food and Drinking More Alcohol During Lockdown

This week, millions of sports fans up and down the country are hotly anticipating the resumption of professional sports, with golf, football and horse racing all returning. However, new research shows that many athletes and fans may not be in tip top shape after gorging on junk food and upping their alcohol take during lockdown.

The study, conducted by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), found that 65% of fitness fanatics in London say they have eaten more junk food during lockdown, with 53% saying they have found it hard to maintain a healthy diet.

In addition, 27% say that they have found it hard to ‘keep on top’ of their alcohol consumption during lockdown. As a result of all of this, 54% of those in the survey say that they feel less physically fit.

All of this is having serious consequences, with, nearly a third (29%) of sports and fitness participants in London saying they are feeling ‘depressed’ due to not being able to participate in their usual activities.

Looking more closely at diet, just 18% say that they are managing to incorporate protein into all their meals, with 54% admitting to taking a more relaxed approach to their diet. As a result, 53% say they are simply eating more and 34% say they are ‘treating’ themselves more frequently.

However when it comes to seafood, 40% say they regularly eat it during the week – due to a variety of reasons. Nearly a quarter (23%) say they don’t know which fish they’d cook and have an issue with the smell. Meanwhile one in ten (10%) admit to not knowing how to cook seafood. Fish, in particular, can provide a simple solution for sports players and athletes as it provides high-quality protein that keeps, both, muscles and bones strong and healthy, which is especially important as we enter our third month in lockdown.

Alaska Seafood is working with former Olympic athlete and Celebrity Masterchef contestant, Colin Jackson, to promote the value of eating a healthy, satisfying diet as well as keeping moving during lockdown. Colin Jackson said: “For people who are used to being active or playing sports, lockdown is particularly tough. Not everyone is a fan of running and many will be missing the camaraderie that team sports offer. It’s therefore not a surprise that missing out on the physical and emotional benefits of sports is leading to many feeling depressed.

“It also makes it that much harder to resist the temptations most of us have in our home. Boredom is a factor for many and it’s no surprise to see that some are reaching for junk food or alcohol more than usual – but that makes it no less worrying. I would encourage people to try and adapt their exercise as much as possible as some is better than none. For example if you play football, whilst it may not be the same as a game down the park, 20 minutes of keepie-uppies in the garden, followed by a video chat with a team mate, could still really benefit you. But remember that exercise and diet go hand in hand and maintaining a protein-rich diet is still really key. One of my firm favourites is to cook up Sticky sesame Alaskan salmon with corn taco, smashed avocado and Asian slaw. It’s a quick, easy dish to cook up and is packed with protein and amazing flavours”

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