Freddie Mac revealed as BEST company if you want to be HAPPY at WORK

A new index by Microsoft Office productivity add-in, UpSlide, looks at largest corporations in the US and Europe to determine which companies have the happiest employees, based on what matters to them. The study reveals Virginia-based financial services firm, Freddie Mac, is the happiest place to work overall with Dell Technologies, Cisco Systems, Procter & Gamble and Energy Transfer all in the top 5 – all of these companies score highly on Glassdoor ratings, work-life balance and CEO approval.

The index allows users to select topics which matter most to them and shows best-fit companies based on what’s selected from a wide range of benefits and perks.

Freddie Mac named the best Fortune 100 in the happiness index, closely followed by Dell Technologies – scoring highly on work-life balance and CEO ratings

These are the top 10 companies to work for based on how happy they make employees.

1. Freddie Mac

2. Dell Technologies

3. Cisco Systems

4. Procter & Gamble

5. Energy Transfer

6. Deere

7. Capital One Financial

8. Fannie Mae

9. Microsoft

10. Alphabet (Google)

Capital One and Dell Technologies are leaders in work-life balance and Alphabet (Google) and Freddie Mac have the best CEOs

The study looks at extraordinary leaders and gives a CEO rating based on how much employees love to work for them – both Freddie Mac and Alphabet are in joint place with the best overall ratings, with Capital One and Fannie Mae following closely behind.

When looking at CEOs, the study reveals the highest rated from each company – with Stefano Pessina from Walgreen Boots Alliance having the highest overall rating.

The top 10 Fortune 100 CEOs

1) Walgreen Boots Alliance – Stefano Pessina

2) State Farm Insurance – Michael L. Tipsord

3) CVS Health – Larry J.Merlo

4) World Fuel Services – Michael J.Kasbar

5) Charter Communications – Thomas Rutledge

6) AT&T- Randall L. Stephenson

7) HCA Healthcare – Samuel N. Hazen

8) General Motors – Mary T. Barra

9) American Airlines Group – Doug Parker

10) Lowe’s – Marvin Ellison

According to the study, flexible working environments are deciding factors in them choosing a workplace, but only 22% of Fortune 100 companies offer this as an option – when looking at the leaders in work-life balance, Capital One is paving the way.

The study also looked at which companies offer the best salaries on average to determine where employees are better off when it comes to their monthly pay packets.

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