From Rappers, to Celebrities & K-Pop Stars, Meet the Hottest Fashion Brand of the Moment- LIPHOP

When you go on Instagram, we are used to seeing the hottest new styles and trendy brands that are on everyone’s feed but recently one brand has been appearing on the profiles of the worlds hottest fashionistas, rappers, celebrities and K-Pop stars- LIPHOP.

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(Momoland singer Ahin is also a big fan of the brand)

Based in Seoul, Korea- LIPHOP prides itself on being the worlds first high fashion SPA brand with a huge global fanbase from the USA to Thailand, Japan and beyond. The list of celebrities wearing the brand reads like an encyclopaedia with rappers Tyga and Trey Songz, Got7´s BamBam regularly wearing their luxury faux furs, StrayKids Bangchan, girl group sensation Mamamoo, CLC, KARD, Super Junior and so many more.

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(G(I)-dle are new ambassadors of the brand)

One of Koreas hottest girl bands of the moment G(I)-dle were also recently announced as official ambassadors, with the brands Global Business Development Manager, Charles Park saying ¨We chose global artists G(I-DLE) for their confident music and their charming visuals, as we felt that their image matched well with LIPHOPS identity¨.

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(Hollywood Actress Kyla Pratt, star of Doctor Doolittle and numerous other movies is often seen in the brand)

Founded in 2003, the now iconic brand recently opened their flagship store in Gangnam, Seoul as well as a second location called ´Bieber House´, which has become a celebrity hotspot in the Korean capital with some of Koreas biggest TikTok stars regularly filming their videos there including King Minsu, who has over 7.5 million followers on the social media platform and Super Juniors Shindong.

K-Pop stars, Generation Z and Millennials just cannot get enough of the exciting brand which prides itself on luxury quality at affordable prices and a cool, chilled out and comfortable range of matching tracksuits, crop tops, sweaters, hoodies and so much more- adding a staggering 15 new products per day on their online store.

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(Stray Kids lead singer Bang Chan)

LIPHOP encompasses everything we all love about fashion and packages it up into a total lifestyle, so fans can live and breath LIPHOP while feel confident, sophisticated and cool. The brand is all about cultural self-expression and people can express their love of the lifestyle through music, dancing, workouts and though their own self-confidence and joy.

Think Malibu and Hamptons vibes but add a Korean streetstyle twist, mixed in with inspiration from the hip hop industry and voila you have LIPHOP

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