Get to know Nikon Australia’s Josh Beames

How did your journey into the photography world begin?
My entry to photography in 2012 was an iPhone and a GoPro. Realising this wasn’t enough to truly capture the beauty in front of me, I moved on to a basic DSLR in 2014. As my skills improved, I decided to upgrade to a full frame camera – the Nikon D750, which really opened up the possibilities of the images I could capture. My addiction grew from there. I currently use a Nikon D850.

Was photography always your passion?
Back in my school days I used to surf a lot. I would be out in the elements every chance I got, before school and after school. I started messing around with those old blue waterproof film camera taking photos of waves. At a young age this was my first true passion for something. The one thing I could never stop thinking about – photography!

How does it feel knowing you have already been published in some very well respected outlets like Nikon Australia, Herald Sun, etc?
I spent years taking photos and posting them online, not thinking much of it. It was more of a hobby – something that I could switch off to and go out and enjoy on my own. So when my first article was published in a local paper, The Standard, I was ecstatic. Front page and all!
In the years that followed, my images ended up being published the Herald Sun and also in an article on My Nikon Life as a featured photographer..

Among your works which is your favourite and why?
Over the years as a landscape photographer I have been fortunate enough to experience and capture some pretty incredible natural phenomenons. A few memorable moments would have to be:
Capturing the aurora australis from the window of a Jetstar flight coming back from Tasmania.
Experiencing bioluminescence for the first time as a storm loomed over resulting in a shot with both lightning and bioluminescence.
Whilst hiking a glacier in Iceland i risked my camera gear for a unique shot. I dipped the lens of my wide angle in the the icey water and captured an under over shot of my partner standing on the icey edge atop of the glacier. Thankfully my lens survived!
But my most recent favourite shot is an image that I captured a couple weeks ago at the 12 Apostles where bioluminescent algae was in abundance amongst the waves. Illuminating the ocean. It was such a spectacular sight to see!!

How do you educate yourself to take better photos?
As a self taught photographer, everything I have learnt and continue to learn has been from trial and error. I am constantly looking at ways I can improve on my work. The internet is full of information and helpful tips but iv found the best way to learn it experiment your self.

Which is your favourite lens and why?
I currently have three main lenses in my bag. Nikkor 14-24f2.8
Nikkor 16-35f4
Nikkor 70-200f2.8

But my favourite would have to be the 14-24. This thing is absolutely bullet-proof and I’ve put it through its paces! The clarity is amazing and it is incredibly sharp edge to edge all the way up to f22.

What inspires you?
I draw inspiration the fact that there endless possibilities that are out there. There’s been so many things that I have experienced and seen that I just did not know existed and I’m sure there are still many more to come!

Who’s work influenced you most?
I draw inspiration from a few individuals.
Chris Burkard was one of the original photographers that I followed on IG and was always fascinated with his work.

Dale Sharp, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year, was a great inspiration and I love his enthusiasm and energy toward photography. His passion resonated a lot with me.

Dylan Gehlken’s work on Instagram would have to be my favourite. Although he hasn’t been active for some time – his body of work has always been a stand out to me.

Any current projects in the works?
I have been working with Nikon Australia running ‘Nikon School Workshops’ which has been an unbelievable experience and a dream come true when I signed with them early this year!

Aside from landscape photography I shoot real estate and weddings which have been keeping me very busy.

Where can we find some more of your work?
My main body of work is on my Instagram account: @joshbeames.

I also have a website which has a selection of landscape images and also my portfolios for both weddings and real estate:

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