The Camden Watch Company Celebrate Five Years in business with Limited Edition Timepiece and Launch Design Lab

The Camden Watch Company, an independent British brand based in the heart of Camden founded by wife and husband team Anneke Short and Jerome Robert, is celebrating five years of business this year and have launched a limited edition timepiece based on their No. 88, the Five Year Edition.

The Five Year Edition celebrates, as it says, five years of The Camden Watch Company. Limited to 100 pieces, this watch features a black case, dial and strap, with silver numbers and their signature ‘Camden Lock’ turquoise-blue accents.

Just under the six o’clock marker, sits the Roman Numerals MMXIV – MMXIX.

The lugs of the No.88 are based on those found on classic vintage watches, in contrast to the modern case shape. The dial and crown are reminiscent of steam train gauges.

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