Sadiq Khan’s “dirty little secret” makes mockery of green credentials

Responding to Sadiq Khan’s manifesto launch Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, said:

“One thing Sadiq Khan won’t be talking about today is his £2 billion polluting Silvertown Tunnel road project. It’s the Mayor’s dirty little secret and makes a complete mockery of his self-professed green credentials.

“All talk and no action has been the hallmark of Sadiq Khan’s time in office, so it is no surprise that at his manifesto launch today we heard more platitudes than plans. Flexible working is going to change this city forever and we heard nothing about how he is preparing London for its impact.

“With the Conservative candidate falling further and further behind, Londoners are looking for a serious and progressive challenger to the Mayor with genuine green credentials. Someone who will hold him to account for his poor record and has a plan to take London forward. I am that challenger.”

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