Renew to host a live broadcast in-person hustings for Challenger London Mayoral Candidates

With a record 20 candidates standing for London Mayor, Renew is hosting a live broadcast in-person hustings for Challenger London Mayoral Candidates.

On 15th April at 7pm, Renew will host a Covid-safe hustings for challenger candidates at the US&Co event space at Harp Lane EC3. The aim is to provide a platform for the challenger candidates to outline their visions for London.

London Mayoral elections tend to be presented to the electorate as two-horse races, but Londoners deserve better and the capital deserves a unity candidate outside of the divisive Conservative/Labour political sphere.

Renew Party Leader James Clarke said:

“The proliferation of candidates shows that, in theory at least, democracy is alive and well in London. However, in reality, candidates not tied to the parties of Westminster do not get a chance to make their case in the newspapers and on TV. For Londoners to make an informed choice on May 6th, we need to know what these candidates stand for. To this end, we are hosting a challenger hustings and speaking directly to London and to the voters.”

The event will take place from 7-8pm on Thursday April 15th. It will be mediated by a neutral moderator and live questions from the public will be included. The final list of candidates participating will be announced closer to the date.

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