Local Greens oppose Westminster Councils decision on Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Westminster Greens are deeply disappointed by the decision of Westminster Councils to pull the plug on proposals to create a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in the Hyde Park Estate and surrounding streets.

Zack Polanski, Green London Assembly Candidate for Westminster and local resident comments: “We know many residents supported the scheme and we are devastated to see the council give in to a vocal group of opponents.

“Westminster and London Conservatives must stop standing in the way of progress and common sense and start endorsing active travel.

“The LTN would have prevented rat-runs through residential streets, created new pedestrianised spaces and by encouraging more people to cycle and walk small distances be a positive step towards improving air quality and road safety. ”

The council have pulled the project after a four-week consultation period, declaring that there was ‘no consensus’ among residents for the measure.

West London Greens activist Fabian Frenzel comments: “We are frankly astonished that the council are losing their nerve to a very small vocal minority. Research shows that the vast majority of Londoners want to see less car traffic in their streets.”

In this decision, the Conservative run Westminster Council is also going against advice from central government. In a letter announcing a new tranche of money to support the introduction of cycle lanes and LTNs, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps called on councils to seek more representative forms of consultation on LTNs, rather than “listening only to the loudest voices or giving any one group a veto” .

Greens seek to transform transport in London, giving priority to people and reducing motorised traffic as much as possible.

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