London Drivers Are Some Of The Angriest – What’s Causing The Road Rage?

Formula One Autocentres have surveyed UK drivers to find the angriest cities in the UK, and what the top annoyances on the road are.
What’s causing the anger on the roads?
There’s four key trends across the country:
  • Cyclists / Motorbikes
  • Dangerous driving
  • Lack of indication
  • Tailgating
London’s top annoyances are lack of indication, dangerous driving and cyclists / motorbikes.
When it comes to the angriest cities, Belfast tops the list:
  1. Belfast
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Manchester
  4. London
  5. Liverpool
Where are the calmest drivers?  Birmingham tops the list.
  1. Birmingham
  2. Sheffield
  3. Bristol
  4. Leeds
  5. Nottingham
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