London office workers are considering leaving the city in favour of the seaside and a better quality of life

London-office workers are considering leaving the city in favour of the seaside and a better quality of life, according to startling statistics released today.

60% said the COVID-19 pandemic has made them reconsider their living situation, with many setting their sights on an escape to the coast.

Brighton & Hove has proved to be the most popular destination for would-be re-locators, with 30% naming it their top choice to move to. 1 in 5 (19%) have even said they would like to live in a beach house.

Margate, Tunbridge Wells, Devon, and Cornwall also proved popular with city-workers looking to escape the smog.

The research commissioned by online lettings agent Mashroom found 43% are craving cheaper living costs, as those polled are currently paying an average of £1,464 a month on accommodation.

When asked about their post-COVID priorities, living a quieter lifestyle (43%), being by the seaside (42%), and better access to clean air (41%) topped the list.

Others say they want to achieve a better work-life balance (35%) and be able to ‘switch off’ at the end of a working day (31%).

40% said they would leave London if it meant they could afford a property with some outside space.

Over half said living outside of the city would make it easier to start a family (54%) and have a more active lifestyle (56%).

41% now saying living in London is no longer good value for money.

As 85% of respondents urge employers to be more accepting of remote working, 65% said they have had a better work-life balance since working from home became the ‘new normal’ for millions. 72% said they can currently work from home, with 34% doing so 5 days a week.

When it comes to the commute, Londoners spend an average of 42 minutes travelling to their office, but a whopping 68% said they would jump at the chance to live abroad if their work allowed.

New York (10%), Amsterdam (8%), and Auckland (8%) topped the international destinations office-workers would jet to.

Mashroom’s CEO Stepan Dobrovolskiy said: “As employers open up to remote working as the new way of life, millions of renters are reconsidering their living conditions. It’s no surprise so many are craving an escape to the coast or countryside, as London’s bright lights have dimmed over the past 6 months as restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues have been shut or operating at a limited capacity.”

“Our research suggests an influx of Londoners to some of the most idyllic spots in the UK, marking an exodus for the capital. Landlords could be set for a boom in business as more affordable housing makes for a much more enjoyable lifestyle.”

“London landlords will need to ensure value for money to entice renters to stay. Many landlords are locked into pricey management schemes, where the cost is passed on to the tenants. Mashroom has eliminated these, so it is a win-win for both parties.”

Read Mashroom’s guide to renting in London here:


Cheaper living costs (43%)

A quieter lifestyle (43%)

Being by the seaside (42%)

Fresh air (41%)

Better access to country walks (40%)

Closer to nature (37%)

Better work-life balance (35%)

Quieter roads (33%)

The ability to ‘switch off’ at the end of the working day (31%)

Be part of a local community (31%)

Lower pollution levels (31%)

Lower crime levels (30%)

Better water quality (25%)

Nearer to our family (24%)

A better place to raise a family (22%)

Access to better schools (22%)

Access to better healthcare (22%)


Brighton (24%)

Hove (6%)

Oxford (6%)

Manchester (5%)

Cornwall (4%)

Devon (4%)

Margate (4%)

Tunbridge Wells (4%)

Leeds (3%)

Windsor (3%)


New York (10%)

Amsterdam (8%)

Auckland (6%)

Dublin (6%)

Barcelona (5%)

Dubai (5%)

Marbella (5%)

Paris (5%)

Rome (4%)

Sydney (4%)

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