London Performing Arts students respond to Rachael Young’s explosive new performance

NewVIc Performing Arts students have been working on a project with Stratford Circus Arts Centre around a show called Nightclubbing, exploring themes of “sheroes”, cultural icons, intersectionality, female and broader femme representation and celebration of diversity.  Students have had a workshop with the creator of the show Rachael Young and have been devising their own piece around the themes.  They showcased their piece to Rachael and other production staff at Stratford Circus and got feedback on their work last week. Students also had the chance to see Rachael perform in her piece at Stratford Circus.

Rachael Young makes theatre, live art, interactive installations and socially engaged projects. She likes to work in the spaces between disciplines and discover new languages for performance through collaboration.

The sheroes project, paid through and organised by NewVIc’s student development team has given students an opportunity to create connections in the workshops, to plan and devise their own piece on the themes of the main show.  The students will now take the feedback from the professionals given after their performance to develop and create their final piece. This will be performed in the winter showcase.

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