First members-only App that introduces sharing economy to VIP Nightclub Tables heads to London

Figaroo, the members-only app that introduces the sharing economy to VIP nightclub tables, launches in London this week (w/c 26th Nov 2018).

With the launch of Figaroo you can now access a VIP table in some of the world’s most exclusive nightclubs by coming together with fellow members to share the experience and the cost.

Figaroo is an invite-only app that connects members with both the top club promoters worldwide and with fellow members – bringing the sharing economy to the nightclub experience. Members pool together to share a VIP table – this allows you to experience a new club where you may not already be a member or a regular, to meet new people (especially when you are travelling) and to cut the cost of a night out from around £1,500 (the minimum for a VIP table in London) to closer to £150.

Founder Marco Scotti explains; “When travelling, it can be difficult to access a VIP Table as you don’t know the best Promoter, or the best club, and you don’t have a group of friends in a city you’ve just arrived in. Figaroo allows you to find the best clubs, with the nightclub experience you are looking for, and to share this with fellow travelers and locals – ensuring you have a great night out, make new friends and really get to know the place. It also allows you to do this at a fraction of the cost of buying the entire table yourself. For example, in New York a VIP table is $3,000 minimum, probably something you wouldn’t necessarily want to spend on your own.”

But Figaroo is not just for travelers; in your own city you can share a table, meaning you don’t have to find a date when all your friends can make it, and you can use it as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Figaroo is a London-based company which has formed partnerships with professional, high-end nightclub promoters across Europe, USA, TelAviv, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beirut and Dubai – with more countries to follow in the coming months.

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