London Village Network collaborates with Women Driven Development to tackle gender imbalance in tech

London Village Network (LVN) is thrilled to announce that they have teamed up with Women Driven Development, an organisation that brings women in tech together to support, educate, and share knowledge and expertise with each other.

LVN is an Islington-based non-profit dedicated to social equality and inspiring young people through the ‘power of an hour.’ In response to rising knife crime in London, LVN was founded on the principle that at-risk youth are less likely to get involved in knife crime and anti-social behaviour if positive role models and effective support networks are made available to them. LVN invites adults, from a broad range of industries and professions, to give just one hour of their time to support young people.

LVN has partnered with Women Driven Development (WDD) to provide opportunities for women who are just starting their careers in tech to work on real projects. Learning from peers and more experienced developers can make a significant impact on career success, inspiring women and fostering a more diverse tech sector.

As part of the collaboration, LVN recently participated in the WDD’s Women in Tech Hackathon, hosted by Expedia. The Hackathon took place over three days, with the aim of using technology to support communities and a focus on the quality of the code, the people and the journey, offering advice on matters like if they should be taking an MS Project training course or pursuing a full degree in computer science.

The event included a mixture of support from experts in Power Bi, Microsoft’s business analytics service, to specialists in front end development, which focuses on how a site looks, and back end development, which concentrates on how a site works. If you would like more information on Power Bi or are interested in learning more about it, then you can check out this site here:

“Women Driven Development and London Village Network share a similar goal – to support and empower those who are just starting their careers by collaborating with and learning from mentors, as well as each other,” said Rachael Box, founder and head of LVN.

Both organisations recognise the importance of support networks to improve career access and opportunity, and to develop the talent of those who are facing obstacles on the road to their success.

“To achieve better representation in the tech industry and beyond, we must work together as a community to nurture and discover talent, first hand,” said Phoebe Greig, co-founder, WDD.

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