London web agency Pedalo demystifies website maintenance with free downloadable checklist

It can be easy to leave your website running, unchecked, with poor performance which may be dramatically affecting your online results.

London based web development agency Pedalo offers web design and online performance optimisation advice for numerous companies. It stresses the importance of ensuring that websites are kept working optimally via ongoing maintenance.

Without adequate maintenance, websites are vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacking, often lack mobile and browser compatibility, and may not comply with recent GDPR data protection laws. Poorly maintained sites typically experience decreased user trust and therefore reduced site traffic, resulting in reduced impact and income.

Additionally, evidence from Google(1) shows that websites with old and outdated content or slow page speeds are be penalised by search engines and rank lower. Therefore, website maintenance is critical to search engine rankings and attracting users.

Pedalo has created a free and easy to follow checklist to demystify website maintenance and help website-owners keep their site running as effectively as possible. The fifteen-step guide includes advice on improving search engine rankings, creating regular content, managing site back-ups, and many other tips.

Some of the areas covered in the resource include:

  1. Maximising Page Speed

Page speed is how quickly web pages are displayed to users, and is a key area of website performance as users often give up when pages load too slowly.

  1. Installing Software Updates

Whatever software you use, regular updates are needed to fix bugs, enhance and add features, and generally improve performance.

  1. Repairing Broken Links

A broken link is a link to a webpage that doesn’t work, leaving users frustrated and negatively impacting search engine rankings.

  1. Ensuring Accessibility

Web accessibility means making sure your website can be accessed and enjoyed by all  users, including those with disabilities.

The full website maintenance checklist can be downloaded free on the Pedalo website.

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