According to the latest AA travel research the contents of a holiday suitcase is likely to be worth around £1,500.* Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of contents the average Brit is jetting off with:

Contents Average cost of contents
Clothing £245
Gadgets (including phones/ tablets) £600
Jewellery £269
Suncream and new swimwear £40
Cosmetics £52
Shoes £105
Designer sunglasses £150
Suitcase cost £100


On average Brits are packing £1,211 worth of goods in their luggage and that’s excluding essentials like clothes and shoes, which averages to £350 per person combined as seen on Discount London at Nexus.The findings conclude that Londoners will take the most expensive cases (£109) most costly clothing (£268), most value in books (£27) and most expensive shoes (£116). Those from Northern Ireland will take the greatest value in jewellery (£356), cameras (£300), electronics (£465) and cosmetics (£63).

Below is a regional breakdown of the average cost of travel bags and contents across the UK:

£1604 – London

£1565 – Northern Ireland

£1536 – North West

£1505 – Scotland

£1502 – Yorkshire & Humber

£1477 – South East

£1433 – East Midlands

£1409 – Wales

£1394 – West Midlands

£1392 joint – North East

£1392 joint – Eastern England

£1312 – South West

The research also found that 1 in 10 travellers aged between 25-34 admit that they don’t take out travel insurance before they go on holiday – and two-thirds of people surveyed believe that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC card) is a free substitute for travel insurance. Other reasons include forgetfulness, cost of cover; and age and health issues precluding affordable cover.

According to the AA Populus study among 16,000 travellers cameras – once top of a holiday kit list – are second most likely to be left behind, perhaps given the quality and simplicity of smartphone photography. Young travellers (18-24) are least likely to take a camera, with fewer than half (47%) doing so, while those aged 65 and over are most likely to hang on to their camera (81%). But the average value of a camera taken on holiday is £271, a fifth (20%) taking a camera worth over £500. **

Official SITA’S research found that over 22 million bags are lost worldwide – the average claim the AA receives for a lost suitcase is £316 per case. AA travel insurance covers baggage up to £2,500, and if you are an AA member, there is no excess to pay in the event of a claim. ***

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