London’s Fantastic Services launches networking event with a difference – get fit and clean up the streets at the same time

The monthly lunchtime “plogging” – picking up litter and jogging – sessions will see a hive of activity around Shoreditch, with bin bags, gloves and litter grabbers provided for those taking part.

Organiser of the event on behalf of Fantastic Services, Hermione Way, explained she had been inspired by social media hashtags to get an event up and running in London.

Two girls picking up trash while plogging outdoors

She said: “The world is a mess, plastic pollution is at an all time high, but finally people are beginning to wake up and take action.

“The hashtags #plogging and #trashtag have turned into global movements where people are getting together to pick up litter, cleaning up cities, beaches and parks.

“Who better to lead cleaning up a city we all love than London’s favourite domestic cleaning and maintenance company Fantastic Services?

“We will be teaming up with some incredible founders who want to network, do good and get fit on their lunch break.”

Plogging was born in Sweden in 2016 following the increase in awareness about plastic pollution, especially in the world’s oceans.

As well as the obvious environmental benefits, it also provides a thorough physical workout that adds body movements such as squatting, bending and stretching to running and walking in an urban environment.

Fantastic Services was established in London in 2009 to provide easy access to cleaning and maintenance services via a mobile app and desktop.

Customers can book experts from more than 25 fields including cleaning, gardening, handymen pest control and home removals – with the aim to outsource your housework so you can concentrate on doing the things you love.

The company has since branched out across the UK and also has operations in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Fantastic Services CEO Rune Sovndahl said: “This is a great opportunity to network with some of London’s most interesting tech people at the same time as getting fit and doing good.

“We hope that people get involved and reap the benefits of what will be a great event.”

The first London Tech Scene Goes Plogging Powered By Fantastic Services starts outside Mindspace, Shoreditch, at 1pm on Tuesday, April 23.

The route will travel up to Old Street roundabout and then through some parks. The collected rubbish will be sorted and recycled after collection.

Hermione added: “We will be running this once a month for the next six months. Hopefully we can inspire other companies and people in London to take action through joining our events.”

Last month Fantastic Services teamed up with environmental non-profit organisation Thames21 to clean up a stretch of the bank of the River Thames in central London.

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