Ground-breaking augmented reality (AR) mobile combat game Reality Clash has seen players take to the streets of London to defend territory and go into combat with their friends in real-time virtual battlegrounds.

The game, from UK-based publisher Reality Gaming Group, is set in an underground world of cryptocurrencies and hackers, integrating geo-location technology and the latest AR Kit and AR Core technology from Apple and Google, enabling players to compete in FPS battles to first claim – and then defend – their local area.

It’s AR mobile gaming as never seen before, with players navigating a 3D map, mining at specific locations for resources, building or customising unique guns and, most importantly, engaging in virtual combat.

And now Reality Gaming Group has revealed the Top 10 real world locations in London in which players have been skirmishing with each other and mining for resources:

  1. Trafalgar Square
  2. Leicester Square
  3. The World’s End Pub (Camden)
  4. Hyde Park
  5. Regent’s Park
  6. Westfield Stratford
  7. Soho Square
  8. Covent Garden
  9. The Kings Road
  10. Emirates Stadium

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