Welcome to the Redivider – pavilion to explore social media part of London Festival of Architecture

A highlight of the London Festival of Architecture’s (LFA) London Bridge hub, The Redivider is an installation that invites visitors to explore emotions stimulated by social media, translating our views of the digital world into a physical experience.

Designed by a team from Stride Treglown the pavilion consists of series of panels or doors that must be moved to enable people to move through. With no specific entrance or defined route, finding a path through the structure is left to individual choice. Encountering others is inevitable, which may be lead to interactions or clashes which may be felt to be positive or negative.

Taking as its starting point the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, the Stride Treglown team developed the LFA theme to consider loneliness in the city and whether social media helps or hinders. The Redivider is the result of an internal competition at the practice’s London studio, with four young architects taking forward the concept to create the pavilion that is designed specifically to consider feelings of immersion, reflection and isolation.

Working in collaboration with Taylor Maxwell, Robert Bird Group, Huxlo, Marazzi UK and BAM, the 6.5 x 6.5 metre is constructed from a glulam frame with plywood panels and a tiled floor.  The internal panels follow three designs. Isolation is represented by solid panels whilst slots cut in the ‘immersion’ panels and mirrors within those representing ‘reflection’ allow people within the pavilion to catch glimpses of others, echoing the transience and superficiality that can be a feature of social media relationships.