Meet fitness coach and creator of #NEATUP247 – Diren Kartal

If any of you follow people in the fitness industry on Instagram you would of more than likely came across the term NEATUP247 but what does it actually mean and where did it come from.

Meet Coach Diren Kartal , a London based personal trainer who operates an online personal training business and is the creator of #neatup247.

Diren’s popularity has grown from strength to strength over the past year with an impressive Instagram following of over 100k followers and growing.

But what exactly is NEATUP247, what is NEAT?

NEAT is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

It’s the calories you burn through involuntary actions like twiddling your thumbs while sitting down or tapping your foot while you’re at your desk, as well as those burned from everyday actions you don’t think about too much.

So all activity you do apart from going to the gym. What Diren is trying to do is highlight that you should keep your NEAT UP, so upping your activity level daily by making small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walk instead of getting the bus.

This is a great idea considering your non gym activity throughout the day has a higher calorie burn than your actual EAT (exercise activity thermogenesis) so your daily non gym activity burns more in a day than actually going to the gym.

Diren speaks a lot of sense on his Instagram and stresses that these are factors we have control over so bringing up your neat allows you to burn more calories during the day which can work wonders for someone looking to lose weight or even offset some calories for that big ice-cream they had.

In my opinion this is an excellent idea highlighting this hashtag of trying to promote bringing up your activity level daily and the more people who use the hashtag the more awareness will made.

If you would like to check out Diren’s videos of fitness wisdom you can check him out on Instagram at @diren.kartal

Or his website



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