Meet Labayk, a new social media platform based on Islamic morals and values

With Ramadan in full swing, a new social media platform based on Islamic morals and values called Labayk, is about to launch globally for all to use.

Labayk is a fun, new social media platform which offers a socially conscious and user-friendly experience. Labayk aims to be a platform that serves the needs of people through Islamic values; creating a respectful, truthful online environment. Rather than aggressive targeted advertising, the platform donates to charitable causes.

Everything on this platform is kept halal – which means inappropriate or violent content is not tolerated. As a brand, Labayk pride themselves in mediating a safe, online environment to ensure everyone has a positive online experience.

Labayk is a social media platform and platform that provides a safe online environment for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This platform will be a safe haven for those are seeking to be part of a respectful, more consciously fulfilling community.

Tanweer Khan, founder of Labayk, has said: “This isn’t a Muslim only platform, it is open for everyone. However, Labayk is built on true Islamic values of peace, respect, kindness, truth and sincerity. And this is what I wanted the platform to be.”

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